Our Mission

Transition Café is a community designed to build meaningful relationships for those in career transition and provide rich content and resources to advance one’s career.

CoffeeGirlTransition Café Story

In today’s ever-competitive world most people lack the skill of building relationships. Don’t feel bad if you fall in this group. Let’s face it, none of us were taught how to network in school and in the past we didn’t need to do a whole lot of it to get a job. Well, times have changed! While it’s safe to say that most people will find their next opportunity as a result of networking, few know how to do it effectively or where to go to connect. Are you ready to give and to receive? The place to start is the Transition Café!

What will Transition Café do for me?

Networking Calendar

Transition Café is your one-stop destination for local networking in Nashville. Our calendar will be the only one you need to check. We will aggregate all of the networking events going on so that you don’t have to spend time searching.

Fresh, Rich Content

Hear from folks across Nashville that are eager to share information that will inspire you and fuel your job search with insightful nuggets. Blog posts, podcasts and webinars will be the medium and while career transition experts will be featured, this is also an opportunity for those in transition (like yourself) to contribute success stories and learnings.

Career Toolbox

Whether you are a career coach, recruiter, in career transition or transitioned into a new job, this is your opportunity to give back. Share tips and best practices on interviewing, job search, resumes, and networking. Do you have a career transition website that you recommend? Let us know the link and we’ll post it. Do you want to start an accountability group to help achieve your goals and stay focused? Go for it!

Get involved. This is your community. Now’s your chance to learn from others and pay it forward.